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The Mentally A Badass logo stating the name of the brand and Mental Health.


Having a mental illness doesn't make you weak, it makes you a BADASS!

Our mission is to change the way people talk about mental health by sharing our own personal experience and daily struggles. We believe that being open and vulnerable will help encourage others to do the same.


Mental health shouldn't be shamed nor downplayed. We want to break the stigma and show the world that people struggling with mental health issues aren't 'weak,' they're BADASS for dealing with them and still thriving.

Photo of Justine, co-founder of the Mentally A Badass brand.

About Justine

Hey Friends! I'm Justine. I am the brains behind the comedy reels on our Instagram & the host of the Mentally A Badass podcast. 

Mental health has always been so important to me since I was a teenager. I was diagnosed with Bipolar, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression when I was 17 years old and ever since then I made it a mission to help others who struggle with a mental illness. 

I originally went to college to become a therapist, but then realized that I would probably cry with my patients because I am a huge empath; however I do hold a BA in Psychology, but didn't move forward from there. 

Social media started to become a tool of mine to connect with others who struggle with the same issues so I decided to really leverage my platform (even if it's small) to spread mental health awareness. 

Social media can be truly amazing when used properly and I will continue to do that through my Tik Toks, Instagram reels, blogs, and podcast. 

Thank you for being here!

x Justine

About Ariel

Hello there! My name is Ariel and I create the educational and inspiring posts on our Instagram. 


At a young age I was riddled with anxiety and depression and it left me disliking school and social interactions. Whenever I felt stressed, I’d doodle in a notebook or created fantastical stories. Looking back, this wasn’t solving my issues but true coping skills weren’t readily available online, not like they are now. 

In college I studied filmmaking because I enjoyed understanding people and bringing that to life through film. Later I became a resident assistant and received training on mental health.This training allowed me to assist residents going through a rough time. Being able to help my fellow residents made me realize how much I enjoyed learning about mental health and how much stigma was still attached to it. 

Social media helped me realize I wasn’t alone. It gave me names to symptoms I’d been experiencing my entire life. I’ll always be thankful to those who shared their stories on the internet because it helped me understand myself better. Now that I’m in a position to do the same, I want nothing more than to help others and give them hope that tomorrow will be better. 


I hope you will join us on our journey!

x Ariel

Photo of Ariel, co-founder of the Mentally A Badass brand.
Photo of both co-founders of the Mentally A Badass brand.
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